Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

In the wake of the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, SBRC will be posting several resources on our website; we also strongly recommend regular visits to reputable health websites such as, state and local health department websites and to keep informed as this situation evolves, and for tips on keeping yourself, your families and your employees safe. We have all hopefully received the advice to wash our hands thoroughly and often, and to practice social distancing.

Social distancing includes limiting – even eliminating where possible – congregating indoors, decreasing our exposure to places where the virus can be easily spread, and making thoughtful adjustments to social calendars and daily interactions to slow down the rate that this virus spreads. These are not always easy changes to implement, but they are very, VERY important to restoring public health and keeping our health system working.

We live in a global community more now than ever before, and while we look to our leaders to ensure that our response to this pandemic has global cooperation, we each can – and should – contribute to this effort locally by practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and patience.

Take care, and be well.

Fanta Waterman, PhD, MPH
Managing Director, Serrette Brown Research and Consulting, LLC

Post-doctoral Research Fellow and Grantee, 2013 – 2014
The National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services and Systems Research and Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks


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